To any person who plays Assassins Creed 2 these days and are suffering from lags and want to play in 640×480 resolution do this:-

  • Goto ‘%appdata%\Ubisoft\Assassin’s Creed 2’
  • Open Assassin2.ini and change width and height to 640 and 480
    • DisplayWidth=640
    • DisplayHeight=480
  • Save it.
  • Goto to game dir and open properties of AssassinsCreedIIGame.exe (33mb one)
  • Goto Compatibility and check:
    • Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution
    • Disable visual themes
    • Disable desktop composition
  • Apply and OK then Happy Playing AC2  in 640×480

And to further improve FPS there’s an Xtrainer available, Google it, it helps to make the environment less detailed…




My Modifications

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello modding fans I a Gamer & Modder

Basically these all are textures mod including Loading Screens  , Texture change and any other thing dealing with San Andreas & Resident Evil 4 & I can also make Counter Strike : Condition Zero Loading Screens

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